Personnel shortages ranked No. 1 on the list of hospital CEOs’ top concerns in 2021, according to the American College of Healthcare Executives’ annual survey of top issues confronting hospitals. Financial challenges, which had led the rankings since 2004, was listed second. Patient safety and quality ranked third.

How to implement both long- and short-term solutions are needed to address the shortages in critical front-line staff shown in our study to ensure #hospitals have #workforces that can meet the demands for safe, high-quality care both today and in the future?

Increasing costs for staff, supplies could be improved by #automation. Effective #wastemanagement solutions and implementation of innovative hardware can help reducing hospital operating costs. Easing #regulatorycompliance policies will allow industry to be more flexible and robust, at the same time more technological solutions will be implemented faster.

Since the beginning our hardware startup #Steriletto was working close with local medical products and equipment distributors, and we know that the #healthcare industry is rapidly changing towards improving, saving and #patientsafety caring narratives.