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Our Core Team Is Delivering Healthcare Devices Since 2006.

The story began in 2006, when our CTO Gianluca Giorgi  started to design and produce beauty equipment such as lipolysis, IPL, RF unipolar and bipolar for beauty salons in the European market as well as beauty machines for well-known brands such as RE AGE, EME Italy, and MESO.

In 2010, he added more products such as medical equipment for magnetic therapy, TECAR therapy and other physical therapy, oxygen/ozone generators.

Our core team members have designed and produced more than 50,000 machines and over 200,000 accessories, such as handles, electrodes, protective cases etc.

In 2020 Gianluca obtained several of ozone technology patents At the same time idea of O3 Care startup was born. A year after, Steriletto ® B2B, Steriletto ® Pet B2C become our new flagship devices.

To prove the effectiveness of Steriletto ® studies were conducted with one of the most important medical schools in Italy, such as Camerino University. We are also constantly consulting with ozone therapist from San Raffaele College in Milan, International Ozone Organization. It allows us to to monitor the most advanced health care devices and machines based on newly discovered technologies and link this knowledge with Steriletto ®.

In 2021 several laboratory analysis was done with CIALAB Analisi e Consulenza (UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 standard ) to demonstrate up to 99,9% bacteria and fungi reduction rate on a bed mattress (on surface and in depth) just in one 10min sanitizing cycle.

Hotels and hospitals in Italy, Maldives, China and Japan were the first ones to use our Steriletto ® B2B demos.  Protocols in Italy were successfully developed for both hotels and hospitals.

We are welcoming more businesses to learn more about our products and solutions and pre-order demos in your country or region.



At O3 Care we can adjust our solutions to any client no matter its a service provider or individual hotel/hospital facility. Some clients are asking us also to create a brand new medical or healthcare machines.  


We are taking care of all the quality control and have own assembly process. The first manufacturing  facility located in Shenzhen PRC and managed by our team. New locations planning to be operational soon.

Sales & Customers Support

We are supporting our distributors and providing 24/7 after sales and guarantee services for Italy, China and Ukraine. Coming soon to a new locations.

Steriletto ® B2B Product Demo

Watch our latest video on helping hotels in Italy to improve safety and customer experience.

International Roadshows: USF Japan

Pitching for more than 50 representatives from various Japanese industry leaders.  

International Roadshows: Xiamen, China

Presenting our Steriletto ® B2B devises. Signing MOU with leading Asia based IFM company Aden Group.  

International Roadshows: Shenzhen, China

Invited by Israeli Consulate General in Guangdong province together with leading Israeli startups doing business in China.

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