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Helping businesses to sanitize beds for every new customer easily. No water or chemicals required. 


Place inflatable mattress on the top of sanitizing surface area. It can be your bed mattress, blankets or pillows as well as sofas, chairs, car seats etc. Connect it to the machine.


Let Steriletto device to perform one 10 min sanitizing cycle with with 99,9% bacteria reduction rate under the inflatable mattress.  While machine is working you can finish other hospital/hotel room cleaning activities.

And ... It's Done!

Make up your bed and allow ozone to biodegrade within 30 min into the oxygen. Now you hotel/hospital bed is prepared for a next customer.

Steriletto How It Works

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Steriletto ® products changing the people’s lives. With the pandemic scourge altering the world order in more ways than one, firms have to shift their focus to healthcare as well and think of adopting different strategies to safeguard their employees and customers. In fact, it will become a core requirement to do business  in coming years.

O3 Care company is all set to improve people’s quality of life by providing affordable 21st-century green health solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need To Sanitize Bed Mattress?

Of course, especially considering the current risks associated when staying in the hotel, or visiting a hospital. Regular bed mattress and linen sanitization will minimize health associated risks for your visitors.

For every public facility is a must have procedure.

Your Competitors?

Well, firstly Steriletto ® is unique. Traditional mattress cleaning service is costs/labor intensive task and limited time per year. With us you can implement daily regular bed mattress, linen, pillows, covers, sofas protocols easily.

Perfect solution for a service providers and business owners.

Other Benefits?

  • Save Water.
  • 100% Air Dry Sanitizing Process.
  • No Detergent Needed.
  • 10 Min/Cycle.
  • Automatic/Semi-Automatic.
  • Safe For Humans and Pets
  • Can Stay In Room While Working.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Green Tech.

Steriletto - helping cleaning industry to be more sustainabile.   

Why are you saying "biodegradable"?

Our Steriletto ® machine generates Ozone (O3) which is strong oxidizing agent. Due to this property, ozone is widely used in many industries from making a textile products to medicine, water and even food treatment.

Ozone has a disinfecting effect on organic compounds and effectively removes fungi, bacteria and viruses.

The compounds decomposed by the ozone are biodegradable and the unused ozone automatically transforms into oxygen.

Any positive impact towards SDGs 2030 agenda?

Indeed. We are positioning our solution as green tech, which can contribute at least to 4 Sustainable Development Goals 2030 by Unated Nations.

+GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being.

+GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation.

+GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

+GOAL 15: Life on Land.

How laundering and usage of household detergents affecting the environment?

According to The New York Times, laundering contributing about 179 million metric tons of CO2 per year annually in USA alone.

Business for Social Responsibility conducted a research and concluded that laundering accounts for 40-80% of total life cycle GHG emissions in Apparel Industry.

Numerous information was published about household cleaners harming the environment and personal health.

Regular washing leads to fabrics break. A single wash can release up to 700,000 tiny synthetic fibers into freshwater systems.

Can I stay in the room when device is working?

Unlike market analogs such as ozone generators that are used for air purification while Steriletto ® is working cleaning personnel can stay safely in the room. 

We calculated a minimum amount of ozone needed for effective fungi and bacteria removal from the textile surface and mattress in depth area. Also our specially designed inflatable mattresses keeping ozone under sanitizing surface, with minimum ozone output outside the bed.

However, to effectively remove "ozone after smell" it's suggested to open windows, or turn on air ventilation system during room cleaning service.

Which companies can implement Steriletto ® today?

Currently you can find our solution for businesses such cleaning companies, hotels, hospitals and clinics. Any other public areas like car dealers, airports and railway stations, in other words, where is the bed or sofa to sanitize - Steriletto ® is a good choice to better protect your guests health.

You can contact us to ask which distributor is currently selling this product in your country/region.

Do you have Steriletto ® devices for home users?

Yes, we have another device design for individual home users. This product together with Steriletto ® Pet  will be launched in 2022/2023. Follow us on social media to stay updated.

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