We are focusing on B2B and B2C healthcare hardware electronics  segment to deliver practical while innovative products for service providers, facility management companies as well as hotels, hospitals and homes. Welcome to O3 Care.

Bed Sanitizing Devices. Biodegradable. Towards SDGs 2030.  

Our Brand Steriletto ® is one of the enthusiastic pioneers in delivering deep eco-friendly bed sanitizing solutions. We are currently working in 3 key areas:

Steriletto ® B2B

Supporting facility housekeeping personnel for daily rooms cleaning routine in hotels, hospitals and other public areas.  Now promoting in Italy, Ukraine, Japan, China. 

Steriletto ® B2C

It helps to sanitize & keeps clean your bed mattress, blankets and pillows every day. Automatic.  80% OEM ready. Looking for distributors. 

Steriletto ® Pet Furniture

For your dog health & hygiene. Pet bed with sanitizing devise installed. The only one in a World.  Planning crowdfunding campaign for 2022.  

Customers feedback

"After a few weeks we can confirm that you can sleep well on it even though inflatable mattress placed on the top of my bed mattress. It is really thin and breathable, at first I was afraid that you could feel it, but that is not the case at all. Our children sleep well too, we will buy a second mattress for us."

Gisela Boesch

"My dog just loves it. He was so happy and snuggly. I tested a prototype, and it is looks nice in the living room and easy to carry with me on trips. The quality seems good too. Awesome product that I would buy again when they'll launch it."

Thomas Cash

"I wanted something similar to the one I purchased from a large mattress store. We selected this Steriletto device and inflatable mattress for me and my 70 years old husband. We are using it over a 12” foam mattress. It fits with extra room if we added a second mattress. After sanitizing the bed is full of fresh air and we sleep much better. I’m happy with the purchase."

Bérénice Hébert

"We are using it now daily in our hotel. Customers absolutely love the idea that their bed not just clean but also mattresses and pillows sanitized after each check out. Now they come back to our hotel just because we have this extra service available. Steriletto become now our best branding. "

Alba Donati

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