Delivering Healthcare Solutions Since 2006

Our story starts in 2006, when we began to design and manufacture beauty equipment such as lipolysis, IPL, RF unipolar and bipolar for beauty salons in the European market as well as beauty machines for well-known Italian brands such as RE AGE, EME Italy, and Oxynergy Paris.

In 2010, we added more products such as medical equipment for magnetic therapy, TECAR therapy and other physical therapy, oxygen/ozone generators.

In recent years, we have designed and produced more than 50,000 machines and over 200,000 accessories, such as handles, electrodes, protective cases etc.

In 2020 after we obtained a number of ozone technology patents O3 Care new startup company was born. Steriletto TM and Meso by O3 Care become our new flagship devices.   

We are also cooperating with the most important medical schools in Italy, such as Camerino University, San Raffaele College in Milan, International Ozone Organization, to develop the most advanced health care devices and machines based on newly discovered technologies.

O3 Care constantly attracting brilliant minds and engineers internationally to launch new patented products and solutions available for everyone. 


We are constantly introducing new products & solutions.


We are taking care of all the quality control and have own manufacturing process. 

Sales & Customers Support

We are supporting our clients and providing trainings to the distributor’s marketing and sales teams.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Steriletto TM products changing the people’s lives. We would like to share some of our customers stories with you. 

Product Demo

Watch our latest video on helping hotels in Italy to improve safety and customer experience.

A Pioneer In The Industry

With the pandemic scourge altering the world order in more ways than one, firms have to shift their focus to healthcare as well and think of adopting different strategies to safeguard their employees and customers. In fact, it will become a core requirement to do business this year. Turning crisis into an advantage, O3 Care company is all set to improve people’s quality of life by providing affordable 21st-century green health solutions.