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Innovative Health Care Solutions Since 2006. 


O3 Care startup company was founded in 2020 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Gianluca Giorgi

Co-founder & CTO

Igor Diadyk

Co-founder & CEO

At O3 Care company we have a goal—to improve people’s quality of life by providing various innovative health care hardware solutions.

We believe that future adoption of green health tech cleaning & sanitizing services/products will spur USD 90b+ global market growth.

We will transform globally the health care experience through caring, quality, safety, service, innovation and excellence.  

O3 Care company will become the preferred, recognized and trusted brand to businesses, individuals and families.



International Team

Not big, but can get things done.   

Kitty Wang

Vice GM, Shenzhen

Stefy Zhang

Business Manager, Shenzhen

Phoenix Chan

Business Manager, Shenzhen

Fiona Zhou

Office Assistant, Shenzhen

Zhou Qing

Electronics Engineer, Shenzhen

Yaroslav Pavlenko

Senior Developer, Kyiv


O3 Care welcoming to cooperation more international hotel chains, facility management companies, hospitals, distributors, and research organizations. Together we can make our world a better place and contribute to SDG’s 2030 initiative.   


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